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git cheat sheet

Set git user information$ git config --global user.name "myusername"$ git config --global user.email "admin@unixutils.com" View git user configuration.$ git...


Python Decorators

python: decorators


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Download – Docker Certified Associate study guide (PDF) Free! with online mock tests

Docker Certified Associate Exam Study Guide
Downloadable study materials for Docker Certified Associate Exam in PDF format. Get yourself prepped up...

Fork unixutils@Github

fork unixutils
You will find some interesting content that is being developed on UnixUtils Github pages, such as scripts,...

Free Monitoring Solution for your Linux servers

free linux server mon
This utility gives you a quick database less, web solution to keep a tab on your all...


Python Decorators

python: decorators

Decorator is a type of function that accepts another function as an argument. By doing so it enables...
Daemonize or Run as service with Python

Daemonize a process with python

Python library to deamonize...
Python Constructors

python: constructors

Lets assume that a class is a template which has data members without values assigned to it. When an object is created...

Python: SSL Certificates with OpenSSL

OpenSSL python library extends all the functions of OpenSSL into python, such as creation and verification of CSR/Certificates. In this post, we...
Python Rest Client

Python: Building a REST Client with HTTP Requests

REST is an API that allows developers to perform a set of functions based on exchange of HTTP Requests. For example, Twitter...
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