Docker Certified Associate – Domain 2 : Installation and Configuration (15% of exam)


    Welcome to your Docker Certified Associate - Domain 3 : Installation and Configuration (15% of exam)

    1. Which of the following is the recommended ways to install docker on Linux ?
    2. On DEB based distributions of linux, Docker engine starts automatically, whereas on RPM based distributions, docker engine needs to be started using utility such as systemctl. True or False ?
    3. To use docker as non-root user, the user should be added to group "docker". True or False ?
    4. Which one of the following is the default and preferred Storage driver in docker ?
    5. Which of the following is the supported or backing filesystem for overlay2 storage driver in docker ?
    6. Which command can be used to find out the docker storage driver that is currently in use ?
    7. How to configure storage driver in docker ?
    8. Any changes to daemon json requires docker daemon to be reloaded. True or False ?
    9. Which of the following can be used to reload docker daemon configuration on linux ?
    10. What is the name of the docker daemon binary ?
    11. How to enable debug mode in docker ?
    12. Which of the following occurs when "sudo kill -SIGUSR1 [docker-daemon's-pid]" is run on a docker node ?
    13. Which of the following is true about "log-drivers" in docker ?
    14. which of the following command can be used to check if docker is running ?
    15. Which of the following can be used to configure log driver in docker ?
    16. Which of the following can be used to configure log driver options in docker ?
    17. Which of the following is true about delivery mode that is configured under "log-opts" for a log driver ?
    18. blocking mode is the default logging delivery mode in docker. True or False ?
    19. Blocking mode for logging using log-driver is not suitable for remote logging or in situations where log-driver is busy, since it causes application latency. Here, non-blocking mode is recommended. True or False ?
    20. Non Blocking mode for logging using log-driver may cause loss of data even before it is delivered to log driver under which of the following conditions ?
    21. When using non-blocking logging mode for log-driver, loss of logs can be avoided by ensuring there is sufficient memory on host and by increasing size of buffer using "max-buffer-size" in log-opt. True or False ?
    22. What is the default log-driver in docker ?
    23. Which of the following is true about "dual logging" feature in docker ?
    24. Distribution of manager nodes across a minimum of 3 availability zones is recommended, for optimal fault tolerance. True or False ?
    25. "docker node update --availability pause mynode" makes the worker unavailable for new tasks but existing tasks continue to run. True or False ?
    26. A fixed or static IP should be used as advertised IP in swarm. Dynamic IP is OK for worker nodes. True or False ?
    27. If the number of manager nodes is down to 1, it is not possible to demote that manager to worker. True or False ?
    28. swarm backup is done by stopping swarm and taking a backup of /var/lib/docker/swarm. True or False ?
    29. When a swarm is restored from backup, the swarm should be re initialized by passing flag "--force-new-cluster". True or False ?
    30. If an auto-lock enabled swarm is restored from backup, it must be unlocked using an swarm unlock key first. True or False ?
    31. When quorum is lost in swarm, a swarm can be reinitialized using --force-new-cluster. In this case which of the following is True ?
    32. When new manager node is added the tasks running on other manager nodes are redistributed automatically for load balancing. True or False ?
    33. Which of the following commands can be used to rebalance running tasks of a service, across available worker nodes ?
    34. What does "tag" option specify under "log-opt" for "log-driver" ?
    35. Which of the following is the technology that enables docker to run containers as isolated workspaces or layers ?
    36. Which of the following is the technology that enables docker to limit hardware resources such as cpu for a container ?
    37. Which of the following is the default container format used by docker ?
    38. To secure docker communication using TLS which of the following methods can be used ?
    39. Which of the following are the additional features provided by Docker Enterprise Edition, on the top of docker engine ?
    40. docker client authentication over TLS is possible by placing the TLS client certificates on docker client node, in /etc/docker/certs.d/[myregistryhostname:port]/. True or False ?
    41. docker/ucp image can be run to perform backup of an existing UCP instance. Does this also backup the docker swarm ?
    42. UCP uses self-signed certificates by default, but allows custom CA cert, cert and key to be uploaded for use. True or False ?
    43. UCP allows to generate and download a client bundle for client authentication. True or False ?
    44. DTR cannot be installed without UCP. DTR can be installed only on a UCP managed worker. True or False ?
    45. Once UCP instance is up, License from docker hub should be acquired and activated on UCP GUI page. True or False ?
    46. ucp-agent service is started on manager and worker nodes to serve UCP components. True or False ?
    47. When installing UCP, If nodes are not already in a swarm, nodes will be configured to run in swarm mode. True or False ?
    48. UCP provides a feature called RBAC (Role Based Access Control) to provide granular control over cluster resources. True or False ?
    49. DTR can be installed by running docker/dtr image along with "install" argument. True or False ?
    50. Both installation of DTR and login to DTR web UI requires UCP credentials. True or False ?
    51. Which of the following protects docker tags from being overwritten, when an image is pushed. ?
    52. Before DTR backup is done, the volume containing the DTR Image content should be backed up. True or False ?
    53. When DTR is running multiple replicas, when taking backup, it is recommended to have DTR image backup and the DTR metadata backup of the same replica. True or False ?